The Best Camera I’ve Ever Owned

… is the one on my iPhone.  True fact.   I’ve only owned one real-person camera, ever, and that was over a decade ago.  Whoa.  Time out.  I just completely dated myself, but that’s ok. It’s still a functional camera (hooray for Canons!); however, the megapixel count just isn’t up to snuff compared to my cell phone.  Anyway, enough megapixel talk.

I’ve realized that I created a whole section called “Photo of the Day”…. and I only posted a single, lonely photo of a cold and snowy day in South Dakota!  What!  It’s almost ironically symbolic.  Of what, I have no idea, but just think about it….

And so, I present to you another “Photo of the Day.”


… so, ok.  I am totally cheating.  This is, technically, a photo of a day.  It’s not a photo of today… and in fact, it’s a photo from last summer, so it’s a photo of an old day.  But, it was a super-fun, carefree day/night at the county fairgrounds on a hot and humid night much like tonight.  I had jello shots at the fair.  True fact.  A strawberry jello shot and a hot dog.  Perfectly sane summer dinner.  Then I took photos of strangers riding swings, using the Slow Shutter Cam app.  No big deal.  I felt giddy.

There’s something magical about carnival rides in the middle of cornfields and nothingness.  The faint aroma of deep fried something-or-another, the rumbling sounds of overworked dirt bikes on the race course muffled by the whimsically distorted tunes from the exhausted carousel and the electric hum of the Ferris wheel.  The florescent lights lining the metal box selling cotton candy and funnel cakes attracting moths and children alike.  This is what a July night in Missouri feels, sounds, and smells like.  There’s nowhere I’d rather be at that moment.  This is what I’m reminded of as I revisit this photo, and that is why… this is my photo of the day.


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