Butter is my favorite fat.

Dear Butter,


I recognize that I have a slight obsession with you.  Every time I’m at the grocery store, I always get at least one extra 4-pack of butter, just out of habit.  This results in our fridge being always stocked with butter… but no leafy greens.  I get greedy with my butter, slapping away the husband’s hands when he reaches for a stick for his morning bagel.  I actually have NO IDEA how much cholesterol is in one tablespoon of butter, or even the amount of fat.  Truthfully, I think I just am scared to know.  Your creamy texture, the way you rumba in my stand mixer with granulated sugar… the way you turn this pale sunny hue after a minute of some vigorous mixing…. you are clearly superior to shortening or any low-fat/non-fat alternatives (although, to be fair, ‘No Pudge’ brownies are amazing and hard to believe they’re not chock-full of butter or oil!!).

Thank you for always making my cookies and pie crusts and cakes complete.  


Hooray for Butter!


Want to learn more about butter?  This is a pretty sweet resource:   http://www.webexhibits.org/butter/index.html



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